Planroom Services

Public Project Hosting

We host public projects up and down the Central Coast at no charge. If it is a public job in the Tri-County area, it is likely that we have the plans for it. Public entities like our service because contractors don’t need to subscribe to view the contract documents, it is accessible anywhere, and all plan holders are tracked! We also have an email list of over 300 local contractors whom we notify when a project that fits their trade is announced. Subscribe by “ordering” the Invitation-to-Bid List at the top of the Public Projects page.

Private Project Hosting

Let technology help you manage the bid process by hosting your first project on our planroom at no charge to you, and no download charges to your subs! We are certain that you will find our online platform to be simple for your subs to access, and provide you with a powerful, time-saving tool for managing the construction drawings and project communication. Send us your files by selecting Post a Planroom Project, and your project will be online within an hour!

Custom Planroom for General Contractors

Are you using an FTP site, Dropbox, or other platform to distribute construction drawings? Consider the value of having a Custom Planroom for all of your projects:

•Manage all of your subs in a simple address book, imported from your current database

•Invitations-to-Bid can be sent out to contacts via email and/or fax, and potential bidders can indicate whether or not they are interested in bidding

•All planholders are tracked real-time as they order or download drawings

•A unique domain linked from your website and accessible from anywhere (no software to install!)

•Designed to reflect your company’s brand and image, using your logo and colors

•Jobs can be posted as public or private with a password to control access

Call us today to get started! Here’s what one of our customers had to say about this service:

“We have been using our Custom Planroom from Tri-Co for several months and have been more than happy with the results. It has greatly reduced our plan printing, distribution and tracking costs. It has also allowed us to increase our bidding pool per project while offering a reduction in overall bid time by eliminating the process of having to continually rotate a limited number of printed sets of plans. Our field superintendents value the plan room for its ease of use and the ability to access the latest set of drawings from any device with an Internet connection. As a green company, we value the reduced use of paper and fuel savings associated with no longer needing to distribute plans. Our requests are handled in an expeditious manner, and we definitely recommend this site to anyone considering a planroom.”

- Bryan Szal, Estimator

Allen Associates (Visit their planroom: