Dignity Moves - Hope Village

Site Prep, Concrete, Modular Units, MEP, F&I Finishes


Bidding Closed

Bid Date2/15/23 3:00pm

Company & Contacts

Frank Schipper Construction

Erwin Villegas   erwin@schipperconstruction.com


522 Lakeside Parkway, Santa Maria, CA 93454

We are inviting your Company,  Santa Barbara Contractors Association (Santa Barbara, CA) ,  to bid on:   Dignity Moves - Hope Village for the following codes:


Your proposals are due no later than  February 15, 2023 03:00 PM .

Here is some of the project information. It includes, but is not limited to:

Dignity Moves (DM), in partnership with the County of Santa Barbara is developing approximately 94 temporary housing units in Santa Maria in an effort to house the un-housed in the region. In an effort to clarify the roles for each group, we have developed the narrative below and the attached Responsibility Matrix for your use.

DM has elected to use Boss Cubez and LifeArk prefabricated housing for this project- each manufacturer will ship the units to site, assemble and install those units in their proposed locations. Units will have a single point of connection for MEP with the General Contractor will be responsible for.

Design Narrative:
Frank Schipper Construction Co and their subcontractors will be required to perform all work as prevailing wage they will be responsible for the following items in a single phase of construction:


MBW / WBE / DVBE Contractors are encouraged to bid

This project is Prevailing Wage

Site Prep

Construct Bio Retention areas per plan, using native soil berm and relief. All surface drainage will be directed to these areas.

The County of SB will compact, install sub base, and perform the paving scope of work. (at a minimum, County of SB will subsidize the cost of this work, GC to include this work in ROM)

Fencing and pedestrian gates around developed area including a trash enclosure and transformer enclosure. Typical UON is 6’ wood fencing with metal posts set in concrete


Perform necessary curb cut and concrete apron per plan.

F&I platform for transformer and switch gear – including protection bollards.

F&I concrete sidewalks per plan connecting to asphalt.

Modular Units

Boss Cubez – ADA (shown with continuous deck)

F&I continuous deck at approx. 6”-8” above finish asphalt.

Boss Cubez – Non ADA

F&I 24” x 30” step at each door.

Life Ark -  
                           Decking around Life Ark will be supplied and assembled by Life Ark.
                           Ramp from Life Ark Decking to pavement will be responsibility of Schipper & Subs

20' Storage units drawn should be priced per unit as a "one trip" shipping container, shimmed level, painted exterior to match Boss Cubez, interior clean with surface mounted conduit for simple lighting, a single switch, and a conv. receptacle.


Distribution of MEP from POC to the units per plan, including trenching and back fill.

Each Island of housing units will require individual sub panel and underground electrical to sub location. (10 sub panels total)

MEP connections at all units, Boss Cubez units will require wire, devices and fixtures.

Unit suppliers will provide mini split AC units and line sets, GC to make all connections, set curbs and pads, charge and commission units.

Assume 5 hose bibs, evenly spaced around campus, no irrigation anticipated.

Site lighting will be purchased and installed by Schipper & Subs. Provide fixture allowance.

F&I Finishes:

All ground cover areas will be mulch UON.

Community space will be stabilized DG.

Dog run will be engineered wood fiber, perimeter 4’ chain link fence with entrance gate.

Bike rack per plan.

All decks and ramps to be Pressure Treated in contact with asphalt with Trex or similar decking.

Handrails at all ADA ramp locations per code.

Decking around Life Ark will be supplied and assembled by Schipper & Subs

If you have any questions regarding this project, please contact me.

Thank you!
Erwin Villegas