Public Jobs

Bids due in 37 days
2/25/20 2:00 pm
Windows Replacement
Montecito Union School District
385 San Ysidro Rd, Santa Barbara, CA 93108
Replace aging wood windows with new clad wood windows (Sierra Pacific) on South and East elevations as indicated in the drawings and specifications. Includes repair and/or replacement of associated trims and their finishes.
Bids due in 37 days
2/25/20 2:00 pm
Fire Alarm Campus Upgrade
Montecito Union School District
385 San Ysidro Rd, Montecito
1. Upgrade of fire alarm system to existing Building A, existing Building B, Building B (Media Center), existing Building C, and existing Building F (restroom). 2. Fire Alarm upgrade for existing Building D and existing Building E.
Bidding Closed
1/14/20 12:00 pm
PW 20-38 On-Call Truck Scales Maintenance & Repair Services
City of Oxnard
111 S. Del Norte Boulevard, Oxnard
Provide on-call maintenance, repair, and inspection services to the truck scales at the Del Norte Regional Recycling and Transfer Station.
Bids due in 12 days
1/31/20 2:00 pm
PW 19-24 Del Norte Office Improvements and HVAC Upgrade
City of Oxnard
111 S. Del Norte Blvd, Oxnard
Location #1- Admin offices, interior stud wall partitions and modifications to mechanical and electrical systems. Location #2- Long hauler dispatch office - new fan coil unit, relocation of heat exchanger and condensing unit to exterior of building.
Bids due in 2 days
1/21/20 2:00 pm
Solvang Sunny Fields Park Playground Repair Project, PW 147
City of Solvang
900 Alamo Pintado Rd, Solvang
Repair and refurbishment of the wood and composite playground structures at Sunny Fields Park including replacement of broken, split, deteriorated and dry rot wood members and composite decking at multiple locations spread throughout the various structures, replacement of play fixtures furnished by the City, installing hardware and fasteners, and related work as may be required for successful completion of the Project.
Bidding Closed
1/7/20 10:00 am
SR126 and Hwy 23 Utility Cover Adjustment
City of Fillmore
SR126 and Hwy 23 that extended through the City of Fillmore
Obtaining an encroachment permit from Caltrans, performing traffic control per the attached Caltrans approved traffic control plans, replacing and adjusting to grade City furnished sewer mahole frame and covers, adjusting to grade existing water valva covers, adjusting to grade existing storm drain manhole covers as required by the contract documents.
Bidding Closed
1/8/20 5:00 pm
Special Inspection and Material Testing Services
Various Schools in Fillmore
Special Inspection and Material Testing Services
Bids due in 4 days
1/23/20 1:00 pm
Fire Station 32 New Fitness Building
Ventura County Fire Protection District
830 S. Reino Rd, Newbury Park
Construction of a new 400 sf fitness building.
City of Goleta Annual Request for Qualified Bidders
City of Goleta
City of Goleta
2020 Qualified Bidders List
Bidding Closed
12/18/19 2:00 pm
Paving RFP - Ocean View Jr High School
Ocean View School District
4200 Olds Road, Oxnard
Paving at (4) locations at the OVJHS Campus