Public Jobs

Bids due in 2 days
10/27/21 11:00am
Library Refresh Project @ Matilija Middle School
Bids due in 2 days
Ojai Unified School District
414 E Ojai Ave
Non-structural interior alterations in the library space.
Bids due in 3 days
10/28/21 2:00pm
Santa Ynez Valley High School Culinary Modernization
Bids due in 3 days
Diani Building Corp.
Santa Ynez Valley High School
Modernizing interior portions of the existing kitchen (1B), existing home economics (1D) and faculty dining (1C). The classroom will be modernized as a culinary arts classroom and includes new demonstration kitchen equipment and new finishes. The faculty dining and kitchen will be remodeled and new power and HVAC will be provided for modernized equipment.
Bids due in 15 days
11/9/21 10:00am
Charge Ready Bridge General Contractor
Bids due in 15 days
Santa Barbara Metropolitan Transit District
550 Olive Street, Santa Barbara
Installation of new electrical and communication conduits and conductors, concrete equipment pads, bollards, and associated striping for 14 new electric bus charging stations; replacement of existing bus exit gate and fencing; and replacement of pavement and storm drain pipe at the downtown Santa Barbara bus terminal.
Bids due in 17 days
11/11/21 2:00pm
Pismo Beach Public Safety Facility
Bids due in 17 days
Request for Qualifications using the Design-Build Method of project delivery.
Bids due in 23 days
11/17/21 2:00pm
District-wide Fire Alarm System at Hope, Monte Vista and Vieja Valley Elementary Schools, #F01-21/22
Bids due in 23 days
Hope Elementary School District
Hope Elementary School, 3970 La Colina Road; Monte Vista Elementary School, 730 North Hope Avenue; Vieja Valley Elementary School, 434 Nogal Drive in Santa Barbara
The project entails installation of fire alarm and voice evacuation system, etc.
Bids due in 38 days
12/2/21 3:00pm
Convert Community Room to an ADU
Bids due in 38 days
Housing Authority of Santa Barbara
309 South Voluntario St., Santa Barbara
Convert an existing 807 SF habitable recreation room into a studio ADU. Relocating kitchen and expanding the bathroom to include an accessible shower. Adding interior non-load bearing walls. Replacing the entry door.
Bids due in 39 days
12/3/21 1:30pm
Mesa Union Window Replacement, HVAC and Elec Upgrades
Bids due in 39 days
Ventura County Schools Business Services Authority
Mesa Union Elementary School, 3901 N. Mesa School Road, Somis
Replacement of all exterior windows of Building A Office Complex and Classrooms, Building B Cafeteria, Building C, D and E Classroom Wings and the Installation of HVAC Systems and all Electrical Upgrades for Building A Office Complex and Classrooms, Building B Cafeteria, Building C, D, E Classroom Wings and Building F replacement of exhaust fans.
Bidding Closed
10/25/21 9:00am
Bidding Closed
Conejo Recreation and Park District
1375 & 1385 E. Janss Road, Thousand Oaks
Work generally includes exterior improvements; installation of shade structures, fitness equipment, exterior court, lighting, paving, site walls and landscaping and interior tenant improvements; electrical, plumbing, kitchen and restroom fixtures, flooring, walls, doors, lighting and paint.
Bidding Closed
10/22/21 2:00pm
CVWD South Coast Conduit Carpinteria Reach Lateral Isolation Valve Replacement (LIVR)
Bidding Closed
Flowers and Associates, Inc.
Throughout Carpinteria, CA
The work consists of removal of existing piping, valves, and vaults and the construction of new burial isolation valves on 31 South Coast Conduit Laterals in the Carpinteria area for the Carpinteria Valley Water District
Bidding Closed
10/21/21 3:00pm
Rancho Riviera Farms - New Ag Development
Bidding Closed
Frank Schipper Construction
12750 Calle Real, Goleta
Scope of work includes site demolition/clearing, surveying, earthwork, SWPPP, AC paving, pavement markings, site concrete, underground utilities (septic tank, leech fields, water storage tanks), building concrete, misc. metals, rough carpentry, finish carpentry, cabinetry, waterproofing, insulation, metal roofing, flashing & sheet metal, roof accessories, caulking & joint sealants, fire caulking/fireproofing, door frames and hardware, overhead rolling doors, bullet-proof glass, windows, metal stud framing, drywall, tile, acoustical ceilings, flooring, painting, concrete floor sealing, toilet partitions & accessories, signage, fire extinguishers, pre-engineered metal building, fire sprinklers, plumbing, HVAC, electrical.